Welcome to T-BAS v2.2

Tree-Based Alignment Selector toolkit (T-BAS) for evolutionary placement of DNA sequences, viewing alignments and specimen metadata on curated and custom trees.

T-BAS Tutorials

Step-by-step illustrated guides of major features in T-BAS v2.1.1.

  • Tutorial 1: Registration, Login, and Lost PIN
  • Tutorial 2: Viewing trees, alignments, and specimen metadata
  • Tutorial 3: Phylogeny-based placement of unknown sequences, de novo phylogenetic reconstruction of subtrees and haplotype network inference
  • Tutorial 4: Uploading and creating a custom T-BAS reference tree with alignments and specimen metadata
  • Tutorial 5: Phylogeny-based placement of unknown sequences and specimen metadata on a custom reference tree
  • Tutorial 6: Using a Metadata Enhanced PhyloXML (MEP) file to update trees
  • Tutorial 7: Submit a Metadata Enhanced PhyloXML (MEP) file for inclusion in T-BAS portal